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spent time talking to supporters. he spoke to those who were shut out after the appearance speech was move indoors. in a conference call earlier, the president said he couldn't risks that i safety given the possibility of thunder and lightning. so my message is we can't let a little thunder and lightning get us down, we'll have to roll with it. while we may not be together in person, i hope you're still going to gather together and community watch parties happening not just here in charlotte, but all across north carolina, all across the rest of the country, obviously so far they've got an unbelievable convention. michelle, what can i say? she -- i'm a little biased, but she was unbelievable. and, you know, yesterday president clinton, who i think
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broke down the issues as best as anybody could. >> jim vance joins us tonight. >> hi, vance. i'm going to keep my voice relative low. congressman john lewis is on the stage. he has this audience in rapt attention. you could hear a pin drop in here. last week they were a lot of empty seats, but not tonight. that is because it must be assumed a lot of people want to hurt the president speak, but they always want to assume they want to be here so they can -- if history is prolog, they're going to lock this place down before too long and anybody not in place won't get in place. there really was an air of anticipation in here for the president's speech. joyous anticipation, if you will. there were literally 40, 50, 60
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some ladies from iowa, and all over the place dancing baas john taylor was on stage. they were happy. in about 4 1/2 hours, the president is going to speak. tom sherwood is here now. he's going to tell us what some of our neighbors have told him they want to hear the president say. >> reporter: the washington area delegates, everybody in this hall, they're ready to hear obama, and everyone says they want him to come out fighting. >> mr. president, don't worry, we have your back. the torch is burning brightly. >> new york democratic senator charles schumer rallies tired maryland delegates in the final hours before the fall campaign, a fall campaign that's not just about the president's race. >> we have to get people turned out, get ben cardin reelected, pick up some congressional seats, and i think this
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convention is doing exactly that. >> eyes the race for governor in 2014, but he says that can wait until after 2012. >> you know, working very hard, love the state of maryland, go terps. >> reporter: after two nights of powerful speeches, delegates say the president himself needs to close the deal with voters, looking forward and rebutting criticism of him. >> i think people are still very excited about barack obama, especially when you look at the alternative. >> he's. >> reporter: both barrels smoking, frank smith says. the preliminary rounds are over here, we're now ready for the main event. >> reporter: and the president speaks about 10:30. >> but john lewis is doing a
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spectacular job here. >> with his history, how could he not? you know i like to eat. coming up in the next half hour. i like to especially anywhere in this country and anywhere in the world, eat what the 4r08s eat. you know what that means in north carolina. we'll tell you about that in a few minutes. and it's taken you this many days to get around to this. i'm shocked. we look forward to it. thank you. there are new developments tonight in the case of the d.c. police officer who may have made threatening remarks about the first lady. police chief kathy lanier says he's still working and won't be prosecuted by the secret service. the officer was assigned with the white house motorcycle escort. he was allegedly overherd by another officer back in july of making threatening coms, on wtop's ask the chief radio show today, the chief told listeners
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the incidents is being handled by d.c. police internal afares and the officer is on noncontact, but still working. there is outrage after something followed a man into a local church and robbed him there at gunpoint. had happened in the middle of the afternoon at st. stephen. jack yen benson is live at the church that's well known for its work in the community. jackie? >> reporter: it is, doreen, and this happened as homeless and hungry people were being fed in the church basement. >> that's pretty amoral. >> reporter: amoral is how the actions are described. this is a security camera image of the suspect who pursued a 27-year-old man into st. stephen's church saturday and robbed him at gunpoint. the victim told police the man in the striped shirt entered behind him around noon, running up the steps pointing a handgun.
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he says the man put the gun to the back of his asked ask you, do you have any money? as the suspect was taking his minger bag, i phone and wallet, a pastor heard the noise and walked in. the suspect turned the gun on her before fleeing. anchts it's just somebody who i guess doesn't have any option, even though it's not an excuse. this church does a lot for the commune. >> ellen baynard volunteers. >> i was sad to hear that someone came in here, one of the guards who do our patrol for security, i was very much surprised. >> reporter: the picture is grainy and a little blurry, but police say someone who knows the man could recognize him.
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and we have this just in, in fact i have not even been able to see it yet, but i understand it is video taken from the security cameras inside the church that shows that suspect entering and leaving the building, again those images, and we will be loading them. we hope that taking a look at that video in conjunction with the still pictures we showed you earlier will help someone recognize the person that committed an armed robbery saturday at this church. no one was injured, but it has shaken up people who are very fond of this church for the work it does to help members of the community. jackie bensen, news4. d.c.'s health department confirms tonight the city's first death. another d.c. right-hand is in the hospital. it comes a week after maryland reported the state's first death. the number of west nile cases
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are up sharply nationwide, with nearly 2,000 cases -- there have been 87 deaths across the country. the rain has rolled on out tonight, but we may still have some storms. meteorologist doug kammerer has a look at conditions right notice. >> jim, just stepped outside. a bit on the humid side. with the breeze that started to kick up, it's a very pleasant evening. currently sitting at 82 degrees, at dew point 71. winds out of the south at about 10 miles per hour. that heat index still in the mid to upper 80s. as we move through the rest of the evening looking very nice. >> you can see just how much rain has come through parts of the area. parts of northern virginia, now some showers activity back towards the west into west virginia, that is about it, though. we will stay dry the rest of the
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night. we'll see a chance for severe weather, plus two hurricanes in the atlantic. we'll talk about it. thank you, doug. a year after the floods from topical storm lee, some people are still struggling to recover from the damage. it caused near-record rainfall weeks after irene swamped homes and businesses. tony tull has more. >> yeah, doreen for a small business it's not easy to overcome a big setback. the effects are still deep felt as another family-owned store has to close its doors for good. >> well, hopefully i can just restart, start from scratch. that's my plan. >> reporter: the flood stains are evident are where you look. >> you can see the line right here. it went through the who will shop this way. >> a year after lee flooded his shop, frank klein says he's going out of business.
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>> nobody around here had flood insurance, so, you know, that kind of did everybody in. >> reporter: all of his equipment was leased, except for one machine, and it still sits in his empty shop, soon to be removed. >> i feel like leaving it sit there so i can remind myself of the day we got flooded. >> reporter: for almost three decades they operated three successful shops. another they were offered loans to rebuild and re-lease equipment, the duo couldn't justify taking out additional loans to justify the damage. >> i'm thinking i already owe this money out. what do i do, pay for it twice? it just didn't make sense. i thought it better to go 20e89ly out of business. >> across the street, marlboro tire got the worst of it. >> if i wasn't for employees, friends, families, just a determination to stay in business, we wouldn't be here. >> reporter: blue tape still marks where the levels reach. you can't look anywhere without
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being reminded that lease left its mark. >> destroyed the carpet and floors in the offices, so everything you see here is pretty much from the flood. you can see how the water got up to the walls here, and the floor is all bowed up. >> brian and hits dad will continue to stay in business, but looking for another location for the shop. they say it's too stressful for them every time it rains, worrying if they'll get flooded again. coming up, new audio recordings just released may reveal the captain knew the "costa concordia" was going down. a plane security scare may have been just a nasty trim trick. it end everyoned with an innocent man being hauled off. it's not all politics on the streets of charlotte. someone is stealing the show at
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president clinton: this election to me is about which... candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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new recordings from the cruise ship that sang off the coast of italy. the "costa concordia" cap sized in january. minutes after running aground, the captain can be heard saying what have i done? prosecutors are using it as evidence in the pretrial hearing. prosecutors say the captain
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misled the coast guard about the true extent of the disaster. russian president vladimir putin is refusing to back gown from his position on syria. even as the violence in that country escalates. we have more now on the controversial comments he made about the united states. >> reporter: russia's president putin has sharply criticized the united states and its allies over its positions over the syrian conflict. in an interview he gave, the russian president said that washington was aligning itself with al qaeda and others groups in its efforts to topple president assad. >> translator: in that case one -- bring all inmates from guantanamo and bring them to syria to fight. it's practically the same thing. >> reporter: russia as stood by the embattled president, vetoing
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several resolutions. meanwhile, inside the country, condition continue to worsen. the syrian military has managed to overtake a ton that was serving as a gateway for refugees. over the past 18 months over 230,000 syrians have fled to neighboring countries. also the head of the international community red cross has wrapped up a several-day visit with the hopes to expand the efforts, more than 1.2 million many of them in dire needs of foods, basic supplies and medicine. tom brokaw is out of the hospital tonight after a health care. he's an nbc news special correspondent. he says he felt lightheaded this morning after appearing on msnbc's "morning joe." he was taken to a hospital in shar. doctors did a round of tests and say he's in good health.
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he tweeted he mistakenly took a half dose of ambien, which caused him to, quote, make less sense than usual. homeless after hurricane isa isaac nine dogs, four of them puppies, rift today. the dogs are all from mississippi, in areas hard-hit by flooding. the puppies should be available for adoption in the next couple weeks. the medical staff is checking out the adult dogs to see when they will be ready to find new families. i can vouch for them, they get them ready and good to go in no time. >> because you have one. >> right, from katrina. let's hope those dogs are adorable and hope they find new homes. so our weather just hasn't gone according to plan. >> no, it hasn't. i'm very upset about that. i've got to tell you, a very
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tough week to forecast. we today i thought we would see a few showers, instead we saw, yeah, a ton of rain in some areas, 1 to 3 inches, smart. i did tell you around 6:18 tonight would be absolutely perfect. and look at that. >> you nailed it. right at 6:18, it is absolutely gorgeous, just like we talked about yesterday. this day will officially go down as a bust. what do i mean by that? well, i forecasted 92, forwarded heat index near 95, and forecasting just a chance of a light shower or thunderstorm down to the fire -- the low was at 76 degrees. it's still rather warm and humid, but nowhere near the low 90s. out there right now 892 degrees. a very nice evening. tonight is really going to be a nice one, a little humid, but especially once the country
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continues to go down. 84 in martins burg. 90 in cumberland and back towards petersburg. to you east, clouds most of the afternoon. so that's why those numbers -- lots of yellows and oranges and reds, that means very heavy rain, a lot of trees down around the fredericksburg area, just watching what happen. we saw a system move to the south. we did talk about it last night. i did expect to see a few showers and storms down to our south. about an irge to an inch and a half. montgomery count, one against it was down to the south. so, yeah, you did see a the lo of rain in some parts, at least now we're starting to dry out.
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that storm system is making its way out to sea. behind it clearing skies. could be the case tomorrow, too. we do have a front that's going to stall out and dissipate, but can't rule out an isolated storm tomorrow. then on saturday, a better chance for not only strong storms, but maybe severe storms. so we're going to watch that very closely. it is going to be strong enough, however, to push through very quickly, so the rain won't last long, then we'll get into very nice weather, sunday, monday, really all into next week. here's the u.s. east coast. this is hurricane leslie, and we have hurricane michael, which was our first major hurricane of the season. earlier, two big storms in the
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middle of the atlantic. but it's still pretty cool to see storms like that in the open waters. this evening clearing skies, 79 to about 83. get out there and head to the nats game if you can, because it's going to be a nice one for that. a few clouds, areas of fog tomorrow morning, not as muggy, but watch out for that fog, and doreen, you like that? how about this sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week, all looking very, very nice, lows in the 50s for most of us, highs in the upper 70s. that's some nice weather, and -- >> like september is suppose to do feel around here. >> exactly, doreen. >> all right. thank you, doug. it has been more than a decade since the public has seen these historic objects worn by the late astronaut neil armstrong. the display is at the facility at the dulles airport right now. his pasting last month prompted
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cure dwrators to open their vault. you can see his gloves and the lunar visor he wore during the 1969 mission. there's a public memorial on september 13th at the washington national ka three real. his family plans to bury him at sea. we'll head back live to north carolina, with hours to president obama's big speech. jim vance will be back with a look at some of the appeal of having the convention in north carolina. a street name is something most people can't change, but one neighborhood was determined, because they did not like the name. coming up in sports, just three days until the redskins open up the season against the saints. mike shanahan is still keeping some secrets. it's no secret that tone romo was on fire last night. the nationals crushing baseballs and records, as they take down the cubs once again.
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a public hearing is under way tonight. >> it's the first of three hearings to get unput from drivers who use the dulles toll
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corridor. >> the only way to -- >> reporter: signs of progress to show off along the dulles toll road. the metro silver line construction, new ramps and sound walls, but the focus is the proposed toll road fee hike required to pay for it all form the current 225 one-way toll is slated to double in less than three years, something that has residents crying foul. >> all i think about when i see those reports on the news is how i'll find a different way to get to work. that's just too much money. >> the metropolitan washington airports authority or mwaa proposes the fees. this member of the reston citizens association board says the current funding plan puts an unfair burden on, thee urge
6:27 pm
pwaaa to urge lawmakers to provide more. >> and now phase 2, $150 million over three years, and we're hoping that amount expanse in the years ahead. >> reporter: at the open house, people who want to give comments in person can do it here, if they want to write something down, there are forms for that, and also an opportunity online. some 400 people have already given their feedback that way. the question is will the public comment make any difference? >> it's a well-known fact the rates will have to increase, but they don't have to increase as much. if we get more government funding or favorable loans. >> reporter: julie carey, news4. starting today drivers in prince george's county have 553 new parking spots. they cut the ribbon on the new
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commuter lot today. officials say the lot will provide over flow for the nearby horner road lot which fills up every day. officials also hope the lot encourages people to carbeal. d.c. police have just released this video from an arm robbery on saturday. the video post on youtube shows the suspect following a man into st. stephen's. he also pointed the gun at the pastor. he took off with money, iphone and other personal property. fortunately no one was hurt. stocks jumped to four-year highs today on positive news from overseas. the european central bank laid out a plan to help struggling countries setting off a global market rally. here the dow jumped 244 points to end the day. the highest close since december's 2007. the s&p closed at 1432, the
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nasdaq ended the day at 3136, the highest level in 12 years. president obama taking center stage on this final night of the democratic convention. the president will make his case for a second term this evening. also speaking tonight, vice president joe biden and his wife jill. president obama will give his speech in the convention hall instead of the much larger bank of mesh stadium because of weather. the entire first family will be watching as president obama gives his speech tonight, and the president's daughters are trying hard to stay on top of schoolwork while also getting a once in a lifetime chance to watch a political convention. first lady michelle obama talked to brian williams about the balancing act between school and politics. >> you know, being a a convention is a once in a lifetime thing. they have an opportunity to have a front-row seat. so at times like that, you think, when you get home, try to get some homework done, we're
6:30 pm
going to go to bed as early as possible tonight, and then it's up and out. this is malia's first week in high school. she doesn't want to miss a lot of classes. she said i would much rather get up and get back to school and get to my last two classes on friday. i like that in her. >> malia is starting high school this year at sidwell friends school? northwest d.c. the girls will no doubt be watching their father take the case for a second term. he'll do it inside the arena. the bad weather doesn't stop jim vance from finding good barbecue. he has one of the best joints around. >> hi, doreen. you come to charlotte, north carolina, you do one or two things o. both. or have to find some barbecue. the track it closed this week, so i couldn't do that, but i did ask around, where is the best barbecue joints? town. got a lot of suggestions, but
6:31 pm
one more than any other. and this is it, max's b shows, beer, bikes and barbecue. jason is the manager here. >> we put a unique spin on barbecue, taking ideas from all parts of the country. the midwest, you're going to get a lot of tomato-based, you go along the eastern side, you see a lot of vinegar-based. to the south, you get more mustard-based. what we did is take a blend of all three of those, and come up with what we call carolina barbecue. >> chowing down on crabs or barbecue without beer is difficult, probably even un-american. in this joint, there's a wide selection. >> we have over 200 beers we feature here, most of which are local they complement our barbecue. >> jason works here and eats here. and so did i.
6:32 pm
probably the best decision i had made all that day. do you make your own sauce? >> they're made inhour heels, from scratch. >> why don't i pick up the whole damn thing? >> there you go. you can follow time and do the math, but in the end, it's not done until it wants to be done. the molecules of the meat are opening up, absorbing the smoke, giving it the the true barbecue flavor. >> these guys dropped by from time to time. >> klein ah carolina barbecue. >> reporter: as everybody knows killer barbecue requires the perfect marriage of meat and sauce. i asked him for the recipe. his answer didn't surprise me. is it the kind of thing that if you tell me what it is, you'd have to kill me? >> yeah, you probably wouldn't make it out of here. >> reporter: i did make it out,
6:33 pm
and i will be going back. i don't have a tag. what i do have is a pad and pencil. what i need to know is should it be beef and pork, and how many slabs do you have? >> handley and i are starving after watching that. >> salivating. >> how about a couple each? >> reporter: i'll tell them all they've got. >> yeah. is that going to travel home on the plane with you, or maybe they'll send it? >> reporter: i'm driving, baby girl, so hopefully it will get there and i'll drop it at your house. >> that sounds good. well, we're glad in all the work you found some good food. >> actually so am i. >> see you at 11:00. brian williams will have more with first lady obama. that's at 7:00 right after this newscast here on nbc4. a man accused of killings hi wife in their george townhome is competent to stand trial. that's what doctors determined
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today about albrecht muth. draft was a german-born journalist and prominent d.c. socialite. doctors say he had been feigning signs of a mental illness. his attorneys will be challenging those findings. police say the suspects came into the store and announced a robbery. they grabbed a handful of items and ran off. it's the second time this family-run store has hit this summer. >> i just really kind of dumbfounded and sat about this happening again to the company, because they're really nice people. king's jewelers? no, that's really awful. >> another robbery happened in july. 50-year-old sedrick earls was arrested just last week in connection with that case. police say he was seen in the
6:35 pm
surveillance video. he's charged with stealing a $25,000 diamond ring. a victory today for howard county residents who say they are embarrassed about where they live. a small cul-de-sac in column by contra, maryland has a name they find racially offensive. as chris gordon explains, neighbors are about to get a change of the address. >> residents who live here are objecting to this one. >> you're just buying into a house, and then all of a sudden you were i'm on coon hunt court. >> my realtor tried to el tell me the street name was a racial slur, i kind of brushed it off, but yes, the problems i've had is with embarrassment at the names. >> it's been a problem for neighbors since they moved in. >> some people laugh, some people say really, is that the
6:36 pm
real name and the streets? >> reporter: as much as shirley dislikes the name she's had thieves stole the street sign several times. >> i was the one always reporting coon hunt sign coming down. i needed that sign, because i had a husband who was ill, and needed the paramedics, emergency services, and my special services. >> reporter: neighbors have been trying to get the street name changed for many years. this neighborhood is just a couple ways, and residents here too wanted the name of the streets back in 2005. it's now called satinwood drive. it used to be satan wood drive. >> obviously historically it's been difficult -- i believe they had the devil's lanes to change, so it's about time. >> reporter: there are six houses they unanimously signed the petition to change the name. the county planning board is
6:37 pm
expected to take action tonight. >> it's going to be called april wind circle, and yes, i think that's a lovely name. >> reporter: chris gordon, news4. . coming up a man was taken off the play in handcuffs. apparently the passenger did knolls wrong. a dangerous crossing, but this story has a happy ending. doug, what's ahead? >> doreen, we've got a lot of things going on. a nice night tonight, some possible thunderstorms, and then -- that's something you might just love.
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some breaking news. police chase started in howard county when officers tried to stam a sedan. the pursuit finally ended when the car finally stop. they took two people in the car into custody. officers closed two sublanes near baltimore for the stop. official says they got a call about 7:00 this morning ha a passenger was in possession of a dangerous substance. his flight was already airborne on the way to dallas. authorities turned it around and armed officers pulled that passengers christopher shell from his seat for questioning. it became clear to investigators
6:41 pm
that shell may have been the victim of a prank on his 29th birthday. >> that this was a hoax, and a pretty nasty trick was played on a passenger, and it resulted in really a threat to all the passengers. incredibly foolish and irresponsible thing to do. at the bottom line, it's criminal. >> the hox will cost tens of thousands, not to mention the disruption in the lives of dozens of passengers. airne seats are about to get even tighter. united airlines is installing what it calls slim-line seats to the airline can pack in a few more passengers. they've by 17 inches long, an inch shorter, slimmer backrests, but the airline says legroom is supposed to stay the same. at the create rooms for six
6:42 pm
additional seats for flight. >> how is that even possible? i'm pretty average and i have trouble. >> stand, i guess. what you got coming up? >> they've been taking off the whole season, the nationals hitting, clicking on all cylinders last night. the redskins kick off their season in
6:43 pm
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to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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breaking news right now from district heights maryland, police are on the scene of a shooting in a recent dench 58 neighborhood. shomari stone joins us live with how police may have been involved. >> reporter: that's right, i'm countrily at scott key drive off marlboro pike. we wanted to get more confirmation about what's going on out here. let's roll some video. a law enforcement source sent me a text basically saying this is a police-involved shooting. a citizen was transported. it is a district heights officer involved in this shooting. we put in calls to the district height it is police department. we're the first on the scene bringing you this broking news as it develops. police are gathering details, talking to several witnesses
6:46 pm
once again the man who witnesses tell me was shot was transcripted to the hospitals. investigators are very tight-lipped, and we will bring you the latest information as it becomes available on and at nbc washington at 11:00. i'm shomari stone, news4. dan's here, and oh boy, he has gifts. >> first thing we want to know, was it food after looking at all that barbecue? >> we have some redsince jersey. >> that's rg3. >> and it says my name on it. >> this is dougie's. >> does it saw dougie or doug? >> it says kammerer.
6:47 pm
>> sweet! >> we're all really for sunday. >> i wanted to get -- >> did rg3 sign them for us? >> i already detailed it by putting your came on it. >> that is good stuff, man. thank you. you're welcome. we're creeping. just three days away from opening day. it's very possible they could have a starting quarterback that's a rookie and running back that's a rookie. robert griffin iii will be under center, but don't be surprised if alfred morris joins rg3 in the backfield. mike shanahan won't announce a starter or probably even tell his players. morris was the leading rusher during the preseason, but that doesn't really mean much. all three guys will probably play some, but it's the rookie
6:48 pm
sixth round pick from boca rattan, who has received the most buzz. matter to you in you start? >> no, it doesn't matter, as long as i get the opportunities to go in and get some work in, that's fine with me. like i said, at the end it's the coach's decision. whatever they choose to do, i'm down with it. >> reporter: nobody believes you it doesn't matter. it mattered to everything. >> as long as i get to play in the game, it's not a bother to me. >> reporter: what have the coaches told you about your role on sunday? >> nothing. i'm just preparing like i'm starting playing a whole bunch. >> are you anxious to find out? >> absolutely. i probably will find out during the game or something. >> they have to wait just like the rest of us. no wait for the official kickoff. the giants taking on the cowboys, and dallas, i hate to say it, they look like a team to be reckoned with.
6:49 pm
romo to ogle tree, that i second hookup of the night. ogle tree had eight catches for 114 yards. then in the fourth romo and the cowboys doing it again, this time to miles austin. great athletic play there, just steals the ball, and take it to the house. romo 22 of 28 for 307 yards and three touchdowns, as the cowboys beat the defending champions 24-17. former cleveland browns and baltimore ravens owner art modell died of natural causes today. he was 87 years old. modell has been called one of the founding fathers of the nfl. the flags were flying half-staff at the ravens facility. modell was an nfl owner for four decades and played a vital role in negotiating some of the early television deals that now bring the legal billions. he was despised in k4r50e68d after he moved the browns to baltimore. but in charm city he's remembered fondly.
6:50 pm
>> anytime you lose a father, a leader, the way he was, to not just -- to not just his kids, about you to many men, it's -- it's always hard. >> when you think back, as i have, over the past 24 hours of the impact of art, he was a great, great man. one can only imagine what the nats will do to the cubs tonight with the hot-hitting jayson werth back in the lineup. the nats know -- hitting 12 home runs combined in the last two games, six of those homers came last night. dave jill jansen and the nats have been putting on an offensive display as of late. bryce harper gets ahold of one and he's going yard. his first of two home runs on the night. he becomes just the third teenager with two multihome run
6:51 pm
games on his resume. two batters later, nobody's bat is hotter than this man's right now. adam laroche, his 28th home run of the year. the nationals hit three home runs in the inning, and six in the game, but don't forget about the pitcher, gio gonzalez, gave up a scant three hits while striking out nine. gio's record now 18 wins on the season. that is tied for the most in major league baseball. the nats win big. afc, though, davey talking about his offense. >> it's a pretty hard lineup to match up against. harper's been swinging the heck out of the bat lately. seems to be getting more relaxed. same with desi, same with espy. so that's not wu or two guys,
6:52 pm
but everything. drama late last night at the u.s. open. handley, are you paying attention? have you already seen this? >> i've seen it. >> roger federer, byrdak homes off. federer's string of final appearances ends at eight. that's amazing. i wonder if federer wasn't around how many grand-slam events andy roddick would have won. >> and in a dale, too. >> ready to go in, baby, put me in, coach. ready to play. so embarrassing. >> you knew he had to do this. >> it fits. coming up, traffic cops really know how to keep things moving at the dnc. mary j. blige had the crowd on their feet moments ago.
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president clinton: this election to me is about which... candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
6:56 pm
heads up, some of you may find this heart to watch. it shows a family of ducks dodging -- we promise these ducks wind up okay in the end. the mother duck leads them across five lanes, yeah, this is close. a photographer flying over head. some cars came so close, they blew the ducklings off their feet. the family of nine eventually makes it across. none of them were hurt. >> just stay there now. don't try to go back. >> close call. that is heart to watch. >> i'm losing this until we lose. are we playing on friday? >> new orleans. >> it could be ripe. >> i may have to wear this the entire season. how cool would that be? >> you're going to get hammered in about 30 seconds. let's look at the forecast.
6:57 pm
91 degrees out there for tomorrow, 86 on your saturday, yes, a good chance of strong, maybe severe storms, but most of the day should be okay. sunday looking very nice. great weather all of next week after a redskins win on sunday in new orleans. temperature there, by the way, a cool 72 degrees. >> we'll be in the dome. >> that's right. 72. >> the thermostat. >> i get it now. the city of charlotte is entertaining thousands of people this week, but so far one of the most popular entertainment has been the traffic police. a group of sheriff's deputies from georgia have been doing some performance art in the streets of charlotte. they dance or interact with driver and pedestrians as they direct traffic. whoa, delegates at the democratible national convention seem to love seeing them busting a move. the deputies say they started dancing trying to keep
6:58 pm
themselves entertained. themselves entertained. >> vance needs anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
6:59 pm

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